Designed to compliment ‘Cupid’s bow’, Moon Gate Villa’s 1.5 acre gardens reflect the gracious curves of the villa, with spiral garden beds separating the main lawns into distinct destinations, inviting visitors to stroll and discover at leisure. The focus of the gardens is the ‘Moon Gate pond’ that immediately draws you to sit and watch the fish play under the fountain, amongst tropical and cold waterlilies – creams, yellows and delicate blue flowers are a feature during our warmer months.

The gardens feature an eclectic mix of European, native New Zealand and Australian species.  Pohutukawa tower either side of the Moon Gate; and King, Washington and bangalow palms fringe the garden confirming our sub-tropic location.  Verayas – warm climate Rhododendrons – grow  particularly well here, and delight by flowering whimsically throughout the year.  Day lilies thrives here, and we have a carefully selected range that blossoms from early spring through to late autumn. Our hibiscus ensure we have blooms all the way into autumn.

Providing a touch of the South American continent, our huge jacaranda greets our guests at the entrance way, and visitors around Christmas are greeted with showers of the purple blossoms.

Thoughtfully planted Camellias put on their best display during winter and early spring, and the original owners of the house planted bulb flowers erupting in to drifts of bluebells, daffodils and freesias by early spring.